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  1. Sorted.. I was using an aliast.. changed to the FQDN of the CAS server and it worked straight away.
  2. Hi - did you ever get this fixed? I am having the exact same error?!!?
  3. Got it working in the end, I had installed SQL in Single mode and needed to have it running in Mixed mode, enabled and then enabled the SA account and then run again and it all worked fine following the instructions below: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2709082/de To resolve this issue complete the following steps: 1. Manually set the property back to ON by running the following command against your CM database: ALTER DATABASE <ConfigMgr DB> SET TRUSTWORTHY ON 2. Ensure that the database that was moved is owned by SA. 3. Ensure that Isolation Level is set to 'READ_C
  4. Hi, I am getting "SMS Provider reported an Error" message when trying to import an application into Config Manager. 03-09-2012 14-16-44.bmp I have looked at the SMSProv.log and its showing the following 'red' items *~*~[24000][0][Microsoft] Invalid cursor state [24000][0][Microsoft][sql Server Native Client 10.0]Invalid cursor state ThreadID : 6088 , DbError: 0 , Sev: 0~*~* *~*~e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\siteserver\sdk_provider\smsprov\ssputility.cpp(2105) : SQL command failed: if (object_id('tempdb..#sp_setupci_resultstr') IS NOT NULL) drop table #sp_setupci_resultstr;~ SQ
  5. I had a problem when deploying an OS and was pulling my hair out with the error message Task Sequence: <Task_Sequence_Name> has failed with the error code (0x8000FFFF). For more information, please contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator. And the image below: 07-08-2012 15-13-34.bmp Checking the Software Library the 'Operating System Images' was still Yellow.. deleted and readded and pushed to the DP's, took a few hours but was green after that. Deleted all unknown machines in the Assets and Compliance - All Systems window.. then went about and Dele
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