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  1. Thanks friend, but I can not yet understand, that I am not doing well and everything is fine but when installed by the user (have administrative permissions) throws me an error with every exe; except msi.
  2. Hello, I want to implement lync.exe 2010 friends, but I could not; took many days and no results. If anyone has experience I appreciate your help. I made Lync.exe / install / silent. There has been no result
  3. Thanks for your help friend. I failed to install any. Exe in sccm 2012. in neither lync've accomplished, if anyone has experience in the field you please help please
  4. I want to learn to use workflows to uninstall applications, is this possible? Clarified that are applications that were not installed from SCCM. Thanks to All
  5. Hi all, I have managed to perform a silent installation of Office 2010, now I want a silent uninstall, I have not found more than theory, one suggestion is a sequence of tasks, but still do not know how to create it. I appreciate your help
  6. Friends, I am entering the world of application management, I want to know if you can notify the configuration manager via email when a user requests an application in the App Catalog. I want to generate an email to a specific account, is this possible? all this as the user requests an application
  7. Thanks for your help, it is estimated that, I confirmed and the error continues, the truth I have not been able to implement any. Exe and took days. MSI if I have the right, but no exe.
  8. Hi all, sorry to be so new, I want to learn more, I'm having a problem for several days and I can not fix, I can not implement. Exe, so good with the msi, but an exe, whatever I can not . Everything loads fine, the install fails and no log is to see to determine what should be. some photos
  9. Thanks friend, if I removed, but still are in software center. Sorry if I'm so ignorant and novice, where do I?
  10. Hello Friends, I have many doubts about implementation of Exe, in an unattended Either exe file, also want aprezcan in the software center and do not like, all my applications are exe, and most want to implement through SCCM
  11. Hi Everyone, I've gone crazy looking for ways to deploy Lync users unattended, but everywhere I suggest that you can not, I do it through. Exe and I could not, I want to create a package to implement lync.exe transparently to users, I need help because I have failed
  12. Hi all, thanks to your help I have gradually learned about SCCM, I'm with application deployment, I have a few errors that I want to remove from the Software Center. Applications are unsuccessful; desire that no longer appear. I removed the package but always, I deleted the deploy. as I do? thanks
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