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  1. Hey! Thanks for that. Sounds interesting, I'll definitely look into it. Would there be a way to actually capture the UUID's of the computers I want to deploy to without having to check each of them individually? Thanks a bunch, Mehrdad
  2. Hi Jorgen, Thanks for your input. I will check it out and get back to you as to whether or not it worked. One question I do have though: When I'm deploying using MDT to reference a SQL db, would I need to use the Asset tag, UUID, MAC address or Serial Number? The reason I ask this is because my company is setting up a brand new rack of servers and they need a fresh copy of Server 2008 R2 (or Server 2012) and I wasn't sure which variable to configure in the db so that the machines can be identified and deployed to accordingly. For test purposes I used a MAC address of a local server and it
  3. Hi All, I was wondering what the best approach would be to assign multiple machines each with their own unique computer name during my deployment. I have been given the responsibility to deploy about 100 computers in an environment and needed to assign different computer names to each machine. Currently I have a setup using MDT for the actual deployment and WDS that is used for the PXE boot. Is there a way (preferable without using a PowerShell script) that I can deploy these machines? The reason I say preferably without PowerShell script is because I'm a rookie with scripting. If there is
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