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    IT in general, cloud computing, SCCM of course, mountain biking, and family.
  1. I've been tasked to produce a list of installed programs from a list of users within our environment. I have a list of about 141 users and from this list management wants me to provide them a list of installed programs on their workstations. Can someone provide a viable path to a solution for this task? I am familiar with basic queries, collections, package deployment in SCCM 2007. I know that there is a way to populate a collection with workstations based on users who last logged on to those workstations. I also know that i can query for add/removed programs on that collection. I'm not exactly sure how to crate a query that will tell me what workstation were logged on by the list of 141 users. Can someone please help? Regards, un_nica
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