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  1. I continue to have trouble with this. I've uninstalled IIS, MP and then reinstalled IIS and MP. Didn't work. Reinstalling client with RESETKEYINFORMATION. Didn't work. Anybody?
  2. Yes, that appears to be the case but I am running in HTTP or HTTPS mode. Also this was working fine until I moved it to a new VM host.
  3. After moving the SCCM 2012 SP1 VM to a new host clients are no longer able to communicate with the MP. This is an intranet site with HTTP or HTTPS enabled. I've tried reinstalling MP Reinstalling Client Clean install of client (uninstall, delete certs and folders, reinstall) I can access http://mp/sms_mp/.sms_aut?mplist and http://mp/sms_mp/.sms_aut?mpcert from the client machines. Any help appreciated. Thanks ClientIDManagerStartup.log [RegTask] - Client is not registered. Sending registration request for GUID:E1DE3B01-ABEB-49E3-9571-70EBF9F8E052 ... ClientIDManagerSta
  4. OK figured it out. These are fresh machines from the factory and as such the time & date in the BIOS was severely erroneous. Corrected the date & time and it now works! Please mark as solved
  5. I am not using PXE, just bootable media. When I boot into the bootable media on a machine on the same subnet as the SCCM server it works as intended. Pulls up the deployed task sequence to unknown computers and runs fully through the task sequence. When I boot into the bootable media on the machine on a different subnet the bootable media fails with the following error. It then goes to the end of the menu and doesn't let me select a task. I have enabled the command prompt. It does get an IP It can ping the SCCM server The IP is in an SCCM boundary that is assigned to a bo
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