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  1. I'd also like to change my display name, as I was overly-hasty and used my email address for both name and e-mail fields.
  2. Hello folks, SCCM 2012 R2 seems to have thrown a curveball for XP to Win 7 migrations that leverage USMT. I have the TS working with a WinPE3.1 boot image, but am struggling to find what versions of USMT I need to use to get USMT in place migration to work. I have a freshly installed (not upgraded from an older version) 2012 R2 environment, on Server 2012 R2. SQL is collocated on the site server. No CAS. I've been scouring this site and the internet in general for the USMT versions needed to perform an XP to 7 image while keeping the user data on the drive (I believe it's called hardlinking). My questions: What version of USMT package do I need for both the scanstate and the loadstate. I _believe_ that I need v4 from the WAIK (vs the ADK 8 or ADK 8.1)? Do I use the same version for capturing user data as I do for the restoration of the data? (or would I use the ADK 8.1 USMT package for restore)? While writing this post, I found this thread, which is for 2012 SP1. http://gerryhampsoncm.blogspot.com/2013/05/sccm-2012-sp1-step-by-step-guide-part.html\ A poster had commented that this no longer works in R2. Does anyone know if this is the case? (I will be trying it tomorrow at work but wanted to ensure that I got these questions up first). Thank you for any input you may have.
  3. Hello all, two quick questions: I've upgrade to CU1 (version 1202) and have two questions. 1. Console not showing the correctly installed version: I have only 45 devices that show in the console with version 5.00.7804.1202. I know that many more have this version and can confirm by looking on a given device and seeing the version in the control panel. Is there an action that will update this? 2. I have the right-click client install (push) still pushing 5.00.7804.1000 with the 1202 version coming in after as an update. How can I update the source for the push update accordingly? thanks!
  4. Hi Community, So far, I have failed to see how Windows Updates (and Adobe updates through System Center Updates Publisher) via SCCM 2012 are in any way superior to native WSUS. I know it's supposed to be, so I must be missing something. I need to patch all machines for all MS/Adobe vulnerabilities. Most examples I see have someone picking just a single category, and filter by bulletin=ms. This omits a staggering amount of patches. How do you patch all given machines for all given (appropriate) patches? *This could be the wrong method, but this is what I've started* 1. Create software groups based on time with "Expired = no" and "Superseded = no" 2. These give pretty large results so I've create 2009 H1, 2009 H2, 2010 H1 etc. 3. Since I need to ensure that all patches are installed, I've attempted to deploy each of these groups. Only 1 has successfully deployed. Most return "The Deployment Software Updates Wizard Completed with errors Details: Error No Content was available for this software update for the languages you selected" (Language is English). It then lists all patches in the group and no deployment is created. How do you ensure you machines are patched correctly? (Both current machines and boxes in the closet that get put on the network after a long time. I've not used SCCM 2007, so please don't reference what used to be in the prior version as it'll just muddy the waters.
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