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  1. I am setting up an Application Whitelist using SCCM 2012 and Windows InTune to manage Windows Mobiles (Version 8.1). I have been asked to block everything and allow only a handful of approved applications. I've noticed by default the "Company Portal" is blocked. To allow this I need to find the GUID or ProductID. Various resources say this can be obtained from the Windows Phone Store however this app is installed when the phone is enrolled to Windows InTune and is not present in Windows Phone Store. Does anyone know of any alternative methods of obtaining the Application GUID that are not present in the Windows Phone Store?
  2. Hey guys, At the moment we are using SCCM 2007 to deploy software etc.. to collections of records based on the computer accounts. All coumuter account records have the client = yes as expected. I have now been asked to deploy to specific users from the All Users collection, however none of these users say they have the client installed so I don't think it is possible? Is there a way you have to link the user record up with the machine record? Cheers, Nigel
  3. We have a requirement to change the size of the App-V cache in our environment. By the looks of things the only way to do this through SCCM is to use the Application Virtualization Cache Configuration Tool located here. I'm trying to deploy it using the command "AppVCacheSize.exe /s:30720" however when you run this manually a EULA box pops up which has to be agreed to! I've tried adding in a /AcceptEula but this does not work. I've also followed this article here where someone has experienced the same issues but again without success. Any advice would be appreciated? Cheers, Nigel
  4. I've installed some hotfixes which are KB980270, KB2176220, KB981797 and KB2483225. The issue is still present. I've also noticed packages suddenly stop distributing with no sort of pattern, under closer inspection when the issue arises there are several components when queried under ConfigMgr Service Manager stuck in a Starting state. Restarting SCCM services does not resolve this and the box has to be rebooted. I can't find any errors in various log files I've checked. Any more input from you guys would be appreciated?
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    SCCM OSD Questions

    Hi, I've been asked to create task sequence media which will be used by our laptop supplier so they can pre-build the machines before they come to us. Is it possible to create a task sequence that builds so far, switches off and then upon the next boot it carries on from where it left off. The reason behind this is that the supplier does not have a connection to get our machines on the domain so the additional task upon first boot would be to join the domain when the user switches the machine on for the first time at site. I've toyed with using something in Run Once and I've also looked at the pre-oem task sequence but that only appears to copy a full blown build down and run on first boot which would result in a lot of unhappy users if they had to wait a hour plus to build a machine. Ideally this would need to be done using SCCM 2007. Hope this makes sense. Nigel
  6. I will check that log file tomorrow however one of the collections in question is just a simple collection with a Mandatory task sequence advertised to it. We just add and remove machines as and when we need to rebuild them so there isn't really a lot of queries running or machines updating. Thanks
  7. We have a weird issue with SCCM Collections. Quite often when trying to update membership on collections they will just hang with a egg timer displayed over the collection icon, machines added will not show up in view. Restarting the SCCM services never seems to resolve the issue but a reboot seems to temporarily fix the problem. The issues always comes back resulting in the server requiring another reboot which is a pain. It seems to be coming back more often/ quicker now. Any ideas where I should be looking to see what's going on? It's SCCM 2007 R2 with SP2.
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