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  1. Well Rocket Man you are an absolute Genious! I thought before disabling the DHCP.in the router, I would first try connecting directly to a netgear 8 port switch and guess what? It worked first time as it should have been from the start! I cannot thank you enough! So from here, is it better to reconnect to the router and disable DHCP (is that safe as well?) or would it be better to continue using the switch for deployment? Also, with either method can is there any tips on how to speed up deployment? I.e certain switches deploy quicker for example, and can I use either method to depl
  2. Hey Rocket Man, I havn't disabled the DHCP on the router yet, I will try it in a minute and see if that makes any difference. How do I check if the cilents are receiving DHCP from the server? I have several cilent loaded with win7 to try. I will get hold of a switch from work and try the method of connecting to a switch directly and then report back.
  3. Hey Rocket Man, I have just checked those settings and yes they have been set, I did change the "Known Cilents" "Unknown Cilents" and select a default boot image, however my problem still remains..... Any other idea's?
  4. Hi Rocket Man, The snippet above is the guide I followed to originally setup my own server 2008 R2 machine, wich failed so I then followed the instructions given in the second tutorial that I found gophers on Windows Noob forums. When I followed the video tutorial I did not do any of the instructions that are stated on the "NOTE" that pops up halfway through the video! I simple added the two checkboxes on the main video instructions. Yes I have added the boot.wim in the "install an Image" and "Capture an Image" parts at the end of the video,using a Windows 7 32bit ISO and I have ma
  5. Hey Guys, First time poster but I have done some reading and I think I'm posting in the correct place so please dont kill me if i've got something wrong... So first up, a little info on me: I work as an Software/Hardware Technician repairing customer laptops/desktops, just doing basic repairs such as soldering (both by hand as well as BGA rework), component replacement, data backup & reinstallation ect. I also do repairs privatly and this is where I need a server to help me out. Every now and again I get small companies that bring multiple (we're talking 25+) netbooks for reinstal
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