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  1. Hi everyone ! Does anyone can explain why "copy the content in this package to a package share" option is greyed in some packages ? What's the condition(s) to get "copy the content in this package to a package share" usable for a package ? Thank you in advance for your help! Kind regards Slash
  2. And is there a way to do a standalone media on usb hard drive in NTFS format with the contraints I describe previously ? (that's in fact my first idea....to merge all iso on a hard drive NTFS formated...)
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to create standalone media (iso 8.5 Gb) from a task sequence with a 10Gb core image wim file and some packages to be installed after core image is apply. One of the package that need to be installed after the core image as a size greater then 8.5 Gb...so the standalone media creation failed and says that this package is too big.... (but the core image wim can be include in the media because SCCM cut the wim in multi wim files. Is there a way to create a standalone media (in sccm2007) with package size greater than 8.5 Gb ? Is there a way to create an iso media greater then 8.5 gb in SCCM 2007 ? Is there a way to create a standalone media with a command line (like SCCM2012 and his createmedia.exe) ? If I try to create an USB media (on a 64 Gb usb key) with my sccm 2007 admin console ... this time the package with huge size of source will be proceed but there is a trouble with the core image wim that is greater than 4.5 Gb (and that doesn't work because SCCM format the key in fat32....). Has anyone a idea or a solution (microsoft or non microsoft suported solution) to do that ? (but the solution is not to migrate (now) my SCCM 2007 production environment to SCCM2012 :-) ). Thanks to everyone who can help !! And happy new year 2014 for everyone !!! Slash
  4. Hi everyone, I know it's possible but I don't know how to do that and I don't find the answer or my keyword search is not good... So I create a bootable ISO with a TSequence media wizard using bootable media... the way to deploy wim across the network. But now I want to put the Wim file on my ISO boot file (on a usb key after...) and modify the TS to get the wim directly on the ISO and not on the network.... how can I do that ?? I'm on SCCM SP2 R3 and try to deploy Windows 7 x64. It works fine on a network but with the wim file on the key I can optimize time to create workstation... Thank's for help !! Slash
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