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  1. You are correct these are out of the box systems. Today I deployed my task sequence to the unknown computers collection. I restarted the computer I am trying to image and it does not boot into PXE. The computer will also not show up in the unknown computers collection. What configuration do I need to check if SCCM is not finding unknown computers and adding them to the unknown computers collection.
  2. I do have unknown computer support enabled. I set might OSD tsk sequence to deploy to only one collection called Deploy HP Image. Then I import computers I want to image into that collection. It is a hassle but it’s safe. How long should it take for SCCM 2012 to find an unknown computer once it’s been deleted from the database? I have had unknown computers setting idle for a while after I have deleted them and booted them into PXE without any luck.
  3. I did see an article with some users having the unknown computers issue. I do not get the unknown entries after the first PXE boot. I import my computer with a specific name. That computer does remain in its collection after one successful PXE boot. I never find those computers or unknown computers in the "all desktop and server clients" collection. I did find some additional information from my troubleshooting. If I delete the computer from its SCCM deployment collection then re-add it by importing the Computer information, it will sometimes receive the DHCP request and boot into PXE. This could take a day of the computer being out of SCCM before I can add it back in to make it work. This sounds like the unknown computer issue but does not always work. Is there a certain amount of time the computer need to be out of SCCM before it can be re-added to get the DHCP request again? Somehow I get the feeling I am missing a setting in SCCM that tells it to always accept DHCP request from clients. Thanks,
  4. I can import computer information into my collection once and it will PXE boot once. After the first time no matter if the computer successfully installed the image or failed I cannot boot into PXE anymore on that same computer. I can add a brand new computer out of the box and it will PXE boot one time. I get the error bellow DHCP........... PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received. PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent Why would it run once and get a DHPC address but then never run again? Shouldn't the SCCM server always send a DHCP request or shouldn’t my DHCP server? I might be missing some small configuration. I am running SCCM 2012 RTM on Server 2008R2 RTM. Clean install from the ground up. WDS and DHCP are not on the same server but are in the same subnet. WDS service is started.
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