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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. The issue i have is that there are several versions (5 at last count) of Acrobat installed hence using Acrobat Cleaner as it removes all versions in one go.
  2. Hi, I'm having a hard time getting my head around this.. We have several machines in our environment with Acrobat Standard and i need to uninstall that and have Reader DC installed at the same time, so the user is not without PDF Reader capability. I've downloaded Adobe Cleaner and have got an application remove all old versions of Acrobat, and then an install of Adobe Reader DC set with the removal app as a dependency. The Adobe cleaner is an EXE so not as installable MSI, i just have the exe and syntax in the install section. It gets as far as uninstalling Acrobat from the m
  3. Peter, I tried your suggestions but an install string is a required field?
  4. Sorry i should have said, Reader is installed as part of the base image, its not an sccm application that i have created.
  5. Ah right ok deleting the deployment isnt so bad, thanks for you help! Any ideas on getting Adobe Reader to uninstall when doing an install of Acrobat X Std?
  6. Hi, I've been lurking here for quite some time and this site has helped me incredibly since i've started using SCCM. I've now came across an issue that there are not topics for (that i can find) so i'm enlisting the help of you fine people! I've got Adobe Acrobat Std X as an application, and i'm wanting to change it from an 'Available' application to 'Required' so that when a machine runs a policy retrieval it will just go ahead and start installed it there and then. When i go to change the option, the field is greyed out and i can't changed it. I know i will be able to change it if i
  7. I'm not really worried about using the config mgr 2007 environment, i'm wanting to go straight to the 2012 one. I think i'll upgrade all the local clients first (In my primary site) and then uninstall the current secondary sites from 07, install the new ones for 12 and then upgrade those clients. Does that sound like it will work? Thanks Sean
  8. Afternoon all. I've been googling all day but can't find any posts with a similar scenario to us so just looking for some advice. I've got the new SCCM 2012 Hierarchy in place, migrated collections, content and boundries etc. We currently have several secondary sites in SCCM 2007 which are all vessels out at sea. I want to keep the secondary sites in SCCM 2012 rather than just use a DP as i want to control the bandwidth for them and also use SUP to update machines and software etc. As it stands, the SCCM 2012 environment is ready to go, but do i need to uninstall the current second
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