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  1. Nice, If I do it so that en-US is default, cs-CZ secondary => everything works fine... What on earth is wrong here if cs-CZ default, en-US is missing..? Is there a bug? BR, Juha
  2. Hi all! I've encountered a little problem. I have multiple sites in several country where needed to deploy win10 with different language and keyoard settings. Everything else is fine, all other countries are OK but czech.. I need to apply keyboard setting so that cs-CZ is default, en-US secondary. I've configured unattend.xml file so that inputlocale is cs-CZ; en-US.. it should work.. ? Well it doesn't. I've tried also with: 0405:0001045; 0409:00000409.. .Still same.. In OS there is only czech keyboard.. Of course I can add en-US keyboard manually but I need to have it automatically.. Why en-US won't be there seen automatically in list? I have input locale configured in 4 Specialize and 7 oobeSystem in xml file. I'm using Win10 1511 ent x64, SCCM is CB.. Any ideas? Thanks, Juha
  3. Hi, Yeah, I'm not using copyprofile as there has been so much problems with it. Still haven't got any solution for this "problem"..
  4. Hi, Has anyone figured out if Quick Access (in file explorer) is possible to export from technical machine for OSD use? Or somehow how to configure quick access for enterprise deployment? I have a need to have 3 custom folders pinned in Quick Access.. I haven't been able to find answer from registry or GPO or couldn't find any xml (tried to google it) like file association.. Anyone? Thank you! Br, Juha
  5. Hi, I've got a little problem. I have a customer that has used DNSCMD command (not powershell) for deleting old dns records for workstations when reinstalling them. Now, that command does not work with win10 anymore, I think this could be done with powershell but I suck with it. I'm deploying win10 x64 enterprise with SCCM 2012 R2 SP1. Can someone please help? Command that is used for win7 deployment is: (run command line -step in Task Sequence): cmd.exe /c dnscmd DNSSERVER.domain.com /recorddelete %_SMSTSMachineName%.Domain.com A /f Thank you for help! Br, Juha
  6. Hello, I've got a problem. I've got mostly HP laptops and need to reconfigure a wifi settings of them all. How can I do that? Setting I need to set is "Preferred Band" => Value: 3. Prefer 5.2GHz band (setting is found from wlan- properties Advanced -tab. MAchines are Windows 7 (mostly) and at least Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 wifi cards.. Thank you for help! Br, Juha
  7. Hi, I've got a problem with Win10 deployment when pxe booting Gen1 VM in HyperV. I've got basic MDT task sequence (as basic as it can be when creating new TS with Create new MDT TS <= Everything else is left as is except added install.iso from original install media (didn't do Build and capture even).. Installation went fine (no ts errors) and when clicking all Accept EULA and disabled all telemetry settings etc, and my VM is now rolling "just a moment" -windows...it has been there 30min or so already. Before I had same situation with modified TS. Had modified .iso done by build and capture TS (with Updates and redistributables), few other settings like join AD and few applications and packages. There was same damn thing, this morning I ran deployment TS and now that VM machine has been in "just a moment" -window about 3 hours. Both VM machines are Gen1 (Gen2 doesn't work for me in this customer enviroment). Hyper-V is installed on Server 2012 R2 Standard. SCCM is 2012R2 SP1 CU1 with new ADK and MDT2013U1.. I have used custom unattened.xml file with both install (UI languages and custom local admin settings included). I have no idea how to proceed.. Need to create win10 deployment but can't test it with VM.. Need help, please! Thank you! BR, Juha
  8. Hi, Sorry for being noob But I really need advise how to create TS for B&C where all OS updates will be installed before capture. I've tried to google but got all kind of stuff, still can't understand how to do it. Just adding "Install All updates" just won't do it.. For example I've got Win7 or W8.1 install media and SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 in Lab.. All roles installed at same site server (WSUS and WDS included) with internet access, Thanks! BR Juha
  9. Hello! I'm going to need some help here! I have a task from client to do some cleanup for their W2008 fileserver. I'm asked to move all files and folders older than 3 years (modified by). But This need to be done so that folder structure itself remains same even for the files and folders that are being moved. Idea is that when some random user asks to get some 5 year old picture from folder X we can find it easily. This task needs to be done so that ALL files older than 3 years are moved. Even if they are located in folder where is lots of newer files AND folder structure will be same where files will be moved. Is there anybody who can help me? Thank you! BR Juha
  10. Another SCCM I have ADRs configured and another one I have deployed updates manually. And you're wrong there, "run the rule on a schedule" mean when SCCM runs the rule. There is deployment schedule also where you actually define when clients receive the updates.. If you read me first post. On monday I already saw correct deployment % because updates had been deployed on weekend. But on tuesday (and also today) when I check Monitoring - Deployments from SCCM console, all I see is lots and lots on "unknown".. Hmm, maybe I'll try to run software update rescan or something.. Thanks! -Juha
  11. Yeah, I thought that too. Software update scan schedule is every 1 weeks on wednesday at middle of the working hours, so it can't be that. Or is this some other schedule setting than that? -Juha
  12. Hi, I'm confused here. I installed last weekend MS patches to production computers and I checked compliance % yesterday. Was quite happy with it because it was over 80% (users actually left computers at office for update weekend). But as I checked today the compliance is 1.7%... WHAT has happened, why it show it that way?! I don't understand. Same thing is when checking another our customer compliance. Another SCCM is SCCM2012 SP1 CU1 and another is SCCM2012R2.. Please help me to understand this behaviour Thanks -Juha
  13. Hey, Sorry for delaying this. That link wasn't usefull. I found some errors SMS_CLOUD_SERVICES_MANAGER => Clud Services manager has failed to uninstall service xxxxxxx.. Please Delete the deployment using the windows azure portal.. (message id 9414) And more errors when collegue has installed azure dp.. Error message: Cloud Content Manager encountered an internal error (The Server encountered an unknown failure. The remote name could no be resolved. Check logs for details.) <= What log does that mean? would be nice to fix this even it hasn't been priority 1 here. I think I'll try to convince my boss I could install brand new SCCM with R2. Our present SCCM is only SP1 without any CU and it hasn't been installed at first place at it should have been (folder structrure is wrong, SQL is installed to wrong drives etc).. If anyone can still help here, It'd appreciate it! Thanks, Juha
  14. Okay, have to try to find something from status messages. There wasn't pxe being used. I'm most confused about that damn "add site system roles" being greyed out. I'm full admin there and can't add more roles... something has happened in that server ..
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