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  1. The component logs are located under '\\servername\SMS_SITE\Logs' Correct? I looked at distmgr.log, I don't see any complaints in there I looked at compmon and it frequently complains about SMS_AD_USER_DISCOVERY_AGENT Execution State 2; Availabilty State 0 Any other places I should look? distmgr.log compmon.log
  2. Hi Everyone- This is my first time posting here, but I visit this site almost every day and always find good info, so hopefullly you can help me uncover some of the issues i have created for myself. I have a single server SCCM environment that was working well to deploy software, manage endpoint protection and handle computer images/pxe boot through WDS. Yesterday, I installed the Dotnet 1.1 framework on the server as a prereq for some other software, and everything blew up. My event log filled with IIS errors 2274 and 2268 over and over again. I ripped out Dotnet 1.1, but that really didn't help. My current issues: Application Deploy has stopped working. I can setup deployments all day long but my clients don't see them. PXE/WDS and SCCM are not communicating My troubleshooting steps to this point: Ripped out Dotnet 1.1 Uninstalled all roles (IIS & WDS) Repaired Dotnet 4.0 Reparied MDT Removed the Distribution point role from my server Reinstalled IIS and WDS Re-added the DP role Notes: At this point, I can boot from PXE if I manually put the boot.wim in to the boot folder of the WDS console, but it fails to connect to SCCM and reboots after WinPE is loaded I did point the WDS role to my D:\remoteinstall folder (the one I have used all along) I am worried about other side effects that I have not yet realized. SCCM uses IIS (WebDav) to manipulate AD, correct? What other things did I break? There are so many log files, i have no idea which ones are valuable and which ones are going to send me off chasing my tail. I really, really, really, really wish i had made a snapshot of the SCCM server before installing Dotnet 1.1 Thanks in advanced for any advice you can give.
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