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  1. Hello all. I am new at using WDS, so please bear that in mind. I have a Dell Laptop, Windows 7 x64 on it. I have WDS set up on a Server 2003. I have successfully imaged XP and Vista machines, and pushed the images onto other PCs. Two questions: 1: I am trying to capture an image from the Dell. When I PXE boot it (is that the correct term?), I see Vista as an option to select, but don't see Microsoft Windows Setup (x64). I do have that as an option in my WDS boot images. So, why is this happening? I created an image using Vista, it ran with no errors. I haven't pushed it out to another laptop, yet. 2: When I PXE booted, I wanted to save the image to my server. Couldn't do it, the local machine could not see the server, I had to save the image onto the Dell's hard drive. Ideas? Questions? I know that I can only run Sysprep three times, so I haven't done much experimentation. Thanks for your help, Scott
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