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  1. I want to upgrade my deployment shares to use WADK. I am in the middle of a migration from XP to Windows 7. Would there be a negative affect from doing this? Is there any gotchas? Also does WADK not allow the deployment of XP? Thanks, Jacob
  2. The process works fine when booting from the bootcd and it works when doing a refresh deployment type. When I change the deployment type on the litetouch.vbs command line to force the machine into a deployment type of "newcomputer" is when we have an issue. I can get it to reboot and it tries to format but then fails to find the drive. Again this works from a cd. I made the Task Sequence for "newcomputer only" to run the ltiapply /pe (like it is set in the refresh only group) but its stopping on the wizard for newcomputer. It doesn't do this when I run the deployment from CD or with the refresh deployment type. We are not using PXE we are actually running the litetouch.vbs from Altiris.
  3. I have an issue where we need to reboot certain machines and have them format instead of cleaning the drive(I need to treat it as a newcomputer instead of a refresh). We have set the command line for these machine to send a newcomputer deployment type. I have set the Task Sequence to ltiapply /pe like the "Refresh Deployment" type but it isn't working right. It does reboot into PE but it stops at the welcome screen and we have to click on the deploment start button, also the format start and wipes everything but then the inject drivers can't fine the partition. When I run the same task sequence from a disk it works great. What am I missing? Thanks, J
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