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  1. Well, I have imaged a X1 (non carbon) using the same cable, and switch so that does not seem to be the issue. It's possible that the NIC in the X1 Carbon is the issue. The X1 Carbon is an ultrabook with no built in nic. Lenovo sells a USB 2.0 10/100 NIC that supports PXE booting and that is the NIC that I am using. I'm not aware of any other driver than the one I'm using presently.
  2. Hi All, I have a working OS image that I have been using to image our Lenovo X1's for about a month now without issue. We now want to use the same image with our Lenovo X1 Carbon's. I have created a new TS identical to the one for the X1's (Only difference is the Driver package used). I boot up into Win PE. Select my TS and the drive formats. It starts to "Apply Operating System" and begins to copy the wim file locally, but fails at 5-8% every time. smsts.log shows the following error: ReadDataAndWriteToFile() failed with 0x80072efe when downloading 8% of the file C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\SD1000020\Win7x64wSP1 - Patched.wim Continuing to follow the log, it connects via http again, and then subsequently fails 2 more time before aborting. I tested again with one of the X1's and that still works perfectly. I also can connect to the URL from my workstation and download the wim without issue. Does anyone have any ideas on where I could go from here? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, when I have some time I think I will continue to work on that image. In the mean time I created a fresh image with no updates injected and that works fine.
  4. After Digging around in the logs located at C:\Windows\Panther I have discovered that an update requiring .NET 4.0 was offline injected into the .WIM file. Since .NET 4.0 is not in the base image, the update install failed, crashing the entire install. http://iboyd.net/index.php/2013/01/04/applying-kb2506143-to-an-offline-windows-7-sp1-wim-windows-setup-fail/ describes the exact issue, however this update was not in my image. I haven't figured out what exact update is causing the issue yet. No update names are mentioned in the logs, just errors of a generic failed install due to .Net 4.0 not being installed.
  5. Based on my Deploy task sequence, it seems I am not using an unattend file. Please see the attached screenshot. nounattend.tiff
  6. Peter, Can you tell me where I would find this file?
  7. I'm still stuck on this. I went through anyweb's tutorials again, and still I get the error "Windows could not configure one or more system components. To install Windows, restart the computer and then restart the installation." Again, this is after the install leaves WinPE and reboots to finish the setup. It goes through installing devices, and switches to "Setup is applying system settings" then the error pops up and I can't proceed further. Can anyone help?
  8. Here are the logs. CAS.log CcmEvalTask.log CcmExec.log CcmMessaging.log CcmRepair.log CCMSDKProvider.log CCMVDIProvider.log CertificateMaintenance.log CIAgent.log CIDownloader.log CIStateStore.log CIStore.log ClientAuth.log ClientIDManagerStartup.log DCMAgent.log EndpointProtectionAgent.log execmgr.log ExternalEventAgent.log LocationServices.log MaintenanceCoordinator.log mtrmgr.log PeerDPAgent.log PolicyAgent.log PolicyAgentProvider.log PolicyEvaluator.log pwrmgmt.log RebootCoordinator.log ScanAgent.log ServiceWindowManager.log setuppolicyevaluator.log SmsClientMethodProvider.log smssha.log smsts.log SoftwareCenterSystemTasks.log SrcUpdateMgr.log StateMessage.log StatusAgent.log UpdatesDeployment.log UserAffinity.log WUAHandler.log
  9. Hello, I'm fairly new to SCCM 2012, and have just followed AnyWeb's excellent guide to OSD. However on my test Thinkpad X1, once WinPE finishes and reboots, it installs devices, then during the screen "Setting up System Settings" an error comes up stating that an error has occurred, reboot and restart the install. I tried looking in the smsts.log, but that seems to stop with the WinPE portion of the install. Can anyone guide me in the right direction to continue troubleshooting? I have tried disabling the driver install and os updates steps in the task, but the issue remains. Thanks!
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