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  1. Hi, Current situatuion, i have a sharepoint list that keeps all values for a baseline vm server configuration e.g. ram, cpu disk, etc. The runbook querys with the host name as key identifier the sharpoint list an grab all the values needed to set up the vm guest system. I look now for a nice solution to initiation the runbook with least one value from sharepoint 2013 workflows, does anyone has some experiance with that, which technology did you use, to combine the to systems? I found a little nice bdc conector for sharepoint from Oren, but external sharepoint lists has the limitation to asociate them with workflows. Which way should i go now, try to call the sco webservice from the workflow or try to du that with the sharepoint designer ps instegration? Any Suggestions would be nice... thanks
  2. may you do a wmi query for the machine model and pass this as argument to your custom.vbs that calls the driver package to install the drivers?
  3. I would like to set custom Variables, at bottom line, I would like to use that in a later step to assign dynamically ip address in the server staging process. So my goal would be, set a computer variable MYVAR = TESTVAR and have that at the end a txt file with the contend TESTVAR. But it looks like I am missing something, any help would be nice. In the computer object I defined in that case MYVAR = TESTVAR: In the TS I call the Variable %MYVAR% and pipe it in a file. checking the smsts.log I can see that the command is executing but not like I mentioned. What I am missing? Thanks for help num63r5
  4. Solved: Deano, as you mentioned I checked the share and ntfs permission for that specific package, is was okay as expected. After digging deep in to that problem it looks that the the sccm agent has a problem after the capture, eaven if it will "reconfiguring" on a install process. I mounted the captured wim file checked the registry that provisioning state and task excludes of the agent, that these values are correct. Deleted the agent repository and ccmcache. Tha install run perfectly and i was finaly able to install apps in the install ts. I agree it is not the best thing to delete the repository as there is a switch to do it as descriped here, but i wasent able to get it run in the TS. http://trevorsullivan.net/2009/11/06/wmi-repository-corruption-sccm-client-fix/ For my pkg versioning problem I used, with errors like "waiting to install" in the software center and "CAppMgmtSDK::GetEvaluationState - ScopeId_D78CF89A-6167-4402-9A48-08E5C00613B9/RequiredApplication_56479a67-28bc-42a2-a5ce-6ed64eca32db.3 Not found in CI state store. Marking CIs state as EvaluationFailed" I used these: http://www.vansurksum.com/configmgr-2012-caveat-with-application-revisions-when-used-in-a-task-sequence/ http://sharadtech.blogspot.ch/2012/10/package-is-showing-waiting-to-install.html Thanks for helping Num63r5
  5. Thanks Deano, I really hope there is another solution, otherwise it would be painfully to automate the image process .
  6. Hello At my install TS one of the last steps installs, try to install, the AV "Symantec Endpoint Protection". It fails over and over again. I am able to install it if I launch it from the Software Center. The packae seams to be okay. The checkbox "Allow this applications to be installed from the Install Applications task sequenc... " is ticked. Any Ideas how I can fix this that I will be able tu run this App in the TS? smsts.log
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