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  1. To bad that sccm is needed. I dont use sccm for any other purpose. Maybe i should have take a look at another virusscanner. Thanks
  2. Hi All, im having a few questions but cant find the answer to it: 1. is sccm endpoint protection official released for windows 10 2. Can i install and manage ssccm ep also without the complete sccm suite. 3. is endp. protec, in windows 10 the same as the default windows defender? For now we have a policy that updates the client through windows updates. I dont want to use sccm but i still want to use endpoint protec. and manage updates etc through gpo. Is that possible? regards
  3. Hi all, Im having some troubles with deployen an image to a laptop. I have installed everything and i have 2 images x86 and x64 When the laptop is pxe booting, it start loading the image form the server, then i see the windows loading icon. After that i see the screen microsoft solution accelerator and nothing is coming up. Then the laptops reboots and start over again. I tried windows 7 and windoss 8, in bought architectures (x86 and x64) i have also deployed 2 task sequences. But everything the laptop is rebooting. What am i doing wrong?
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