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  1. I am trying to force an addin to load on excel startup. The policy I am changing is "List of managed add-ins (Excel)" I am setting "value name" to be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\Library\SOLVER\SOLVER.XLAM" And the value to 1 I see that the correct registry value being changed, so I know that the policy is applying but solver does not activate on startup. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hello, I was wondering if we have to keep the original .WIM files on the disk after we distribute the content. We are running low on disk space and It seems silly to basically have two copies of the wim file on the disk. Can we copy the original wim files off the disk after we have distributed the content and what might that effect if we do. Thanks Scott
  3. That was it, Thank you for your help!
  4. I created a query rule for a device collection. The query I am trying to create is one that will add machines based only on the name of a machine. An example of our naming scheme would be LIB203-PC-1. Under the general tab I select the class of "system resource" and the attribute of "name" For the Criteria tab I have "Computer System.Name is like "LIB203-PC-%" My issue is when I click ok on everything and go back in the general tab has much more stuff in it than what I selected, one of the items is an attribute "client" which I believe is preventing newly added but un-deployed systems
  5. Well that works, but what I would like to do is script it as part of our deploy.
  6. So I want to kick off a client action that will force endpoint to install. This requires to questions First, which action is the correct one to do this And second how do you do this via a vbs ? I have seen plenty of ways but I cant really get them to work. Thanks Scott
  7. We are running in a 2008 environment. One of our servers (AD0) failed and we decided to replace it with a 2012 server. After doing the install and setting up active directory everything seemed fine, but after some time the netlogon and sysvol shares disappeared. I ran dcdiag and it came up with three errors. (file attached) The sysvol was attached at one point as it was copied over but now there is no share. Any help you could provide would be great. Thanks. Scott AD0 dcdiag.txt
  8. That was exactly it. Thanks for the help !
  9. I tried removing the "reboot to windows PE step" and that did not help.... It does have those conditions although it does not have the "success codes" area at all though I think thats just a version issue. Here is a dropbox link to the SMSTS.log file. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/65384/smsts.log
  10. Its set as "The Boot image assigned to the task sequence" under the "Restart in Windows PE"
  11. I was wondering if anyone Had any idea's here ?
  12. First the deplyment properties http://grab.by/joaw http://grab.by/joaC http://grab.by/joaQ http://grab.by/joaY http://grab.by/job8 And here is the task seqence http://grab.by/jobG
  13. Ill get al lthat together and post it shortly
  14. This is a test pc so I have a Device Collection with a direct rule including only this one machine.
  15. We have a task sequence that deploys Windows 7. I deployed a machine and found that the task sequence did not include all the drivers for the specific machine. I added a driver package to the task sequence and setup a new deployment for the machine. The machine boots to the initial SCCM screens (the DOS type screens) and then reboots and goes to the windows 7 login screen without going through a deployment. Im not sure whats going on here, is it not imaging, is it trying to apply the new drivers without reimaging the whole machine, but I have the wrong ones.... Any help would be greatly appre
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