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  1. Did not try the Vista Wim. I just went back to the first wim you created, and tried that again. I'm concerned though becuse I feel that I took the same steps in creating my wim files that you took, so I'm not real sure where it all went wrong. In any case it is working. I suppose I'll try to re-create mine again and see if I can get them working as I have time. Thanks for your time and assistance in getting this working for me. Certainly appreciated. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I now move into the automation side of WDS and all that its capable of.
  2. I went back and tried the first wim you created by importing it as you said. Then once it was imported I created a cpture boot image and then another boot image using the capture boot image I created second, and it worked... If your available and here in the US, I'd like to call and talk to you regarding this if possible, Let me know. And thanks for sticking with me on this... It is much appreciated.
  3. What is the reasoning for using the Vista drivers over the XP-Win2K drivers? I'm not building/imaging a Vista box.
  4. I replaced the first wim that you supplied with the second one. I just copied it to the folder where my wims reside. Should that have done the trick?
  5. No luck. I did contact Dell again and we ran through several things including disabling the MebX (Intel Management Engine BIOS). We also looked at the system setup and turned off "Execute Disable" but we think that should not have had any reason to change or fix the issue, just a thought to try and change that. He suggested that I try and contact Microsoft, which I suppose is an option at this point. I have a few threads already out on the message boards at Microsoft, but no hits yet. I'm stumped.
  6. Not yet. I will certainly make time tomorrow as I've finished up with the other stuff I've been working on. Been a long two days.
  7. Hey there, Sorry I have not been able to get to this yet. I'll probably have some time tomorrow to try this one. Just wanted to let you know I had gotten it. Thanks.
  8. Ok, I was able to see it during PXE. Still a no go with your build though. Sits there for a number of minutes beofre timing out with "The network location cannot be reached".
  9. Copied the Wim up to the WDS server and PXE booted the machine I wish to image. Did not see the wim that you created. When looking at the path to where they reside I see a BCD file and log file that are assosiated with each of the other wims. I'm assuming this may be the case for why I cannot see it in PXE? On another note reading through your details on what you did to inject the drivers, I can say I had the same structure. Only difference is I had a boot index of 2 and not 1, and my total size after the injection is slightly smaller then yours 117,344 for mine 118,606 for yours.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Intel_Core_2_Duo.png Nic is Intel 82566DM-2 Gigabit Network Connection Driver that is installed during the initial build is the E1e5132.inf which Dell lists as the R162323 package on its site. I'm convinced that I need another driver I just don't know which one at this point. Are you thinking the same?
  11. Well I plugged in the Service tag and it brought me to the same link you had posted, which is where I downloaded the Intel drivers from. Even talked to a Dell tech and he also said I had the correct driver. that being the E1e5132.inf XP version which is also the driver listed within the device manager prior to prepping the built machine that was previously on the network and working fine. He also recommended updating the BIOS which I have done. Getting ready to try Dell tech support again to see if I can get any further with them, even though they say WDS imaging is not something they sup
  12. I've been able to image and deploy, but only with the Optiplex 745. I've not been able to image or deploy for that matter since I can't even get a good image of the Optiplex 755's I think the issue lies with the 755's. Drivers, a setting, or something that will not allow it to talk on the network through PXE. I don't think it's an issue with getting the drivers injected, but maybe getting the RIGHT driver injected.
  13. Mine fails to reach the server when I've PXE booted and selected to capture the image from a sysprepped machine. I am able to choose a volume to capture, I throw in the image name and description and at the next page choose a location to save the image locally, in my case C:\temp\Optiplex.wim, then I tick the box to put the image up to the WDS server and throw in the WDS server name and hit connect and it sits there for about 3 or 4 minutes then comes up with the error that it cannot make the connection to the WDS server. If I hit Shift F10 and do a ipconfig /all it returns no IP address.
  14. Don't have a link, but these are the steps I've taken to inject a driver. Add additional network card drivers to boot.wim 3. Update the WDS boot image to include the new third-party network driver. To do this, follow these steps. Note The following procedure assumes that the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) is installed on the WDS server. If the Windows AIK is not installed on the WDS server, you can perform the same procedure on another computer that does have the Windows AIK installed. Then, map a network drive to the WDS server. a. On the WDS server, click Start, clic
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