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  1. you might want to take a look at Serva; it's an alternative (simpler than WDS) PXE layer that works with MDT and SCCM OSDs. read here. http://vercot.com/~serva/an/WindowsPXE2.html
  2. you cannot use mouse with vesamenu. what you can do is to display the menu on a serial line terminal emulator (if COM1 available), then an unattended install should do the rest. for a neat integration of WDS and PXE and also a WDS alternative see Serva, http://vercot.com/~serva/an/WindowsPXE1.html http://vercot.com/~serva/an/WindowsPXE2.html here you have explained the serial line control of vesamenu http://vercot.com/~serva/an/MenuPXE4.html
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