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  1. Thanks but we are still on 2007. I ended up doing the following and i am able to deploy a task sequance to user accounts. I made a query for system resource last logon and had it give me the netbios names. then i made a collection and subquery to look for the netbios name if its in the query and show the task sequance to it. seems to be working. gus
  2. Thanks Peter, i understand about the system and not user. I have package done for all those apps and they are selected in the software UDI. I can deploy packages themselves i just want to have a menu so that techs that get computers in can just check off what they want and come back to it later. i have been able to check for last logon user resource but that takes too long to populate.
  3. Hey guys, What i am trying to accomplish is the following. We have a task sequence that will pop up the software available to install. I realize that the task sequence can only work on a system resource query and not user. I would like to have a group of users that will be able to to run the task sequence based on their group membership. Any way to do this? We use dell as well for our systems coming in that have our base image and i would like to be able to have the admins run the task sequance and select which software they want installed. that is my goal. thanks
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