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  1. Can anyone please direct me to a link for the MDT Monitoring. I need a way to monitor and report on what images my WDS server has sent. Is there possibly another way to track the names, MAC addresses, etc of computers that were imaged from a certain WDS Server? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you for your response. I have since started to use MDT in conjunction with WDS. This has made my life a lot easier and seems to be the best solution for what I am trying to accomplish and what my company's needs are.
  3. I am new to WDS so excuse my ignorance if I am missing something simple. I have been stuck for 3 days working on creating a boot.wim If i go into my WDS server and go into Boot Images and right click - add new boot image - browse to a boot.wim from a Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit, I can add the wim but when I refresh the server it will disappear. If I actually get a client machine to PXE boot and chose the new boot option, I will get the no driver is found for the network card. I have mounted and added all the needed drivers for my company's hardware. Once I replace the boot.wim I will either get an error that it is not a valid boot image or an error stating that the wim is missing required WDS Client binaries. I am stumped! I have tried and retried this many times and keep getting the same outcome. I am using the boot.wim from the windows installation disc I update drivers so it will PXE boot with my hardware I try to replace boot image and it errors out What am I missing?
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