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  1. Hi all, we may be able to deploy the operating system with PXE if I have a router dhcp.
  2. Hi all; friends, so I will begin to unfold in new equipment on a massive scale; sccm will use, I have no dchp of windows, if not with my router in three locations. It is possible and how I do it? can give me a guide please.
  3. Hello everyone. Friends, your support please. I have a primary site, with 5 secondary sites, the vhd disk damage, the back also, started to reinstall my hierarchy, I gave format to the primary site, the secondary site you uninstall manually (these are not the format), for deleting records remove traces or traces of the previous installation. THE problem that I now can not install secondary sites, throws me error the management point, I removed the IIS, I installed again with the sql privileges are ok, permissions active directory are good, not that you can be friends, can you help me please.
  4. Hello friends, I need your help please. Perform a clean installation of a primary site sccm 2012 r2 standalone before had the version 2012 sp1, but I'm having faults, have red SMS MP CONTROL MANAGER, INVENTORY SOFTWARE PROCESSOR SMS. He says he is not part of a class, I placed in the sms_mof you had in the previous version 2012 sp1, but problem persists I have not updated the client machines, not on the agent released, they are with the version 2012 sp1, first I want to correct this problem. ERROR This should only happen if new definitions beyond those known to the site are a
  5. Thanks for responding. It's the way you have asked me in the company where support deployments, but do not make it, nothing happens, no deployment is executed.
  6. Friends, sorry. I can not get a package created with an exe file is run when the user session. I have followed many guides, but all my applications are. Exe and I can not run when the user log in, anyone can help me please.
  7. Is ms lync 2013 standalone installation, you realize the whole process, but does not run nothing happens when the user logs on, if remote software center all goes well, or if I schedule a specific time, but not when the user session
  8. Hello everyone. Friends took days with this problem. I have an application exe,. Well it runs as an application if I schedule a specific time. Now I want this application to run when the user logs in to your computer. The application launches the installation of lync 2013, but before validations and warnings are custom made​​, which I can not ignore and I need the user to see why I can not create a package. How do I get this application to run when the user logs on. I have tried to do it with task sequence but does not run, when the user logs nothing happens, does not run. Can
  9. Hello friend, thank you very much for your time and for answering, I agree with what you say about the secondary sites. The issue is that these secondary sites already had permission in the scheme, were in production before it corrupted admin accounts have all privileges on the database of the primary site, reinstalled the OS, re-create the secondary site and error continues.
  10. Thanks to this forum I managed to implement a hierarchy, but now I have an issue for days. I have a primary site and five secondary site clients are inactive, and checked and everything is ok with the site components, reinstall the secondary site and my customers are always inactive, now I can not install clients not fully installed , only a part (see picture to understand), I appear in the console inactive; without status (active or inactive) I deleted the secondary site again, and launched the client computers and the problem persists. The other sites work fine. The authentication key
  11. Hi all, thanks for this forum, I've learned a lot about configuration manager. I have a problem for weeks, I have a hierarchy with independent primary site and five secondary sites, in a day - two secondary sites I listed customers as inactive, no network has made change, there are no alerts on the console or in the status of the sites. But customers all appear as inactive status. I deleted the site and have created again, sending the client and everything is pushed, the packet is copied, the bundaries are fine, but always appear inactive. View images. Anyone can help me please
  12. Hi Friends....What happens if I send the application to run at a user at 11: am and the user starts his computer until 3:00 pm or until 3 days?, The application is running? if it has expired? thanks. Where can I find official documentation
  13. Hello Rocket man, thanks for Reply. In our environment even have office 2010, and Lync 2013 are only migrating independently, not with office 2013. Alway Rerun Program, is for the laboratory need the package or the application is executed when the user logon, but does not work.
  14. Hello friends, this forum is important to me. I am new to Config. Manager, I am doing a deploy of a package lync when the user logon, but does not work. The package is copied to the client cache is discovered, I forced the policy, restart the computer and run the deployment. I can say I'm hacieno wrong? I do not see. I have weeks and not solve! I want to start the first session after the deployment deploy run. it is Possible . I hope for several hours, restart and nothing. This as required and when starting Session. and nothing. How do I run the package the next reboot when
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