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  1. Well I did have some issue with offline servicing before, it broke several wim files. but yes it is probably the one and only good option. Edit : Still would have an issue with fresh build and capture though.
  2. And : KB2871777 same problem....
  3. Hi, I found that KB2821895 was breaking my TS (B&C and Deployment) What happened is a reboot that apparently could not be supressed and it kept on breaking my tasksequence. Updates install, TS reboots, starts task update again -> during that proces again a reboot -> patch is applied, but TS is unable to resume and exits. Anyone had similar experience and found a sollution? except removing the patch from updates that are deployed? Thx
  4. Hi, How do you deploy your windows updates? Had a similar problem --> WSUS updates through SCCM 2012 SP1 (was the cause) --> CU1 seems to have resolved it. Anyways the store uses the windows updates services to connect and that was our main problem. Hope this helps you in the right direction.
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