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  1. Hi, I have attached the log, I removed everything except for yesterday and a screen shot of the drivers tab. Thanks Vince dism.log
  2. Hi Anyweb, So I thought to myself I will redistribute the image to be sure I have distributed it after I enabled command support and it errors. I tried again this time reloading the image from ADK but it still errors. I also tried the F8 key press at the password screen and that does not work. I checked the drivers and there all listed as signed.
  3. Hi All, SCCM 1802. I have two boot images, 32 and 64 bit. Both have Enable Command Support ticked. I have one build TS and it is booting the 64 bit boot image. The laptop is set to UEFI. At boot it displays the TS list, we select the only one there and the laptop begins running the TS. It gets to a point "Applying OS to C drive" and errors. Timeout is 14 mins and if we press F8 nothing happens. I really need to get the logs off this machine but I am remote to it. Ive tried adding some steps into the TS to collect the logs but thats failing to create anything
  4. Hi All, I have a working 2012 solution in place. It is currently only intranet/http. I wanted to extend it out to the internet so I followed this to setup and issue the certs "https://www.systemcenterdudes.com/internet-based-client-management/" I have published the SCCM server through our Kemp LB on ports 443 and 80. I have a test machine off the LAN, I have modified the Network tab with the FQDN of the SCCM server as published in WAN dns and it shows PKI and Internet when the VPN is disconnected and Intranet when the VPN is connected but it doesnt recieve any microsoft upd
  5. It looks like sophos was the problem. I disabled with a new policy and the file copied over successfully.
  6. Hi All, I hope you can help as I am pulling my hair out now. I have an environment setup and working fine until this problem. We created a new WIM file and tried to distribute the content to one of the secondary servers running PXE. It failed with Error 13 and Error 8 in the despooler log. I proceeded to add more and more disk first to the OS drive and then, when I decided there must be enough free space, to the content disks. I got to a point where I had spent a long time on this so I tried to distribute the content to other servers thinking it was "Corrupt Data" but the dist s
  7. I think ive made progress now. Im no longer receiving the Key does not exist error but it failing to evaluate the => I have set so I guess that could be because its a string in the registry. I have called the script in a package via a TS. Im going to try using a dword in the reg now and see how that goes.
  8. Again the variable just gets converted to a long number Failed to execute command line 'for /f "tokens=2* delims=E" 0.000000 in ('WMIC ComputerSystem GET Model /value') do set "Model=0.000000" if "AMD64"=="AMD64" ( Set ENV=C:\WINDOWS\syswow64) else ( Set ENV=C:\WINDOWS\system32) 6.894164E-317NV\REG.exe ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion" /v Model /t REG_SZ /d "Model" /f' . The system cannot find the file specified. (Error: 80070002; Source: Windows)
  9. Hi and thanks for that. I wrote a script, yes to tatoo the model number in the registry, via a deployed Package before the event. Later I will deploy the task sequence that will only run if the registry key is greater than or equal to 7440. Should I create a DWORD Key for the model? I knew about the echo but thought I would remove it once I had a running solution! Ill try your script out. Thx. P.S. The model in wmi is from memory Lattitude E7440 so my original solution was searching the wmi response to find the position of E and then saving the chars after that to
  10. Hi Dudi, I tried this two ways. I created a new script *.cmd, placed inside a package and created a new TS. I used the command line option and entered the script name and the package but this fails with the error ) is not expected at this time. I tried with and without cmd /c. I also tried just entering the full command from the script into the command box inside the TS without the Package defined but this replaces the %A from %Addresswidth% with a number and returns an error "The file could not be found!". Any ideas on which solution I should chase and what I should do to
  11. Hi Dudi, Thanks. should I put that before my script? Ie. if %AddressWidth%==64 ( echo "64 bit ENV" Set ENV=%windir%\syswow64) else ( echo "32 bit ENV" set ENV=%windir%\system32)%ENV%\reg import "%~dp0PS_Bypass.reg" FOR /F "tokens=2* delims=E" %%A IN ('WMIC ComputerSystem GET Model /Value') DO REG ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion /f /v Model /t REG_SZ /d %%A exit
  12. Hi all, Im running SCCM 1702, client is windows 10 64. I am struggling with an issue related to registry redirector on windows 64bit os. I have created a batch file that queries WMI for the model, in this case of my dell laptops, and then creates a registry key using the "REG ADD" command in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Model REG_SZ. EG 7440. I've deployed this as a package and now can see the registry key in the WOW6432Node key! I have then created a Task Sequence, and on the parent group, set an evaluation on this registry key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVers
  13. This may or may not be related but they are failing to synchronise packages too. On the second server I left it out of the DP Group as the "Configuration Manager Client Package" is failing and I have no options other than redistribute and validate on it. I was hoping that if I didn't overwhelm the server with lots of packages at once that it would successfully download this client, but it has also failed.
  14. Hi All, Does anyone know how to resolve/troubleshoot the issue im having. I have a parent site and a number of secondary sites. The secondary sites are PXE boot servers in different remote sites. I have installed two new secondary sites but the password field on the PXE tab will not retain the password I enter and the tick box un-ticks itself. I have no idea where to start troubleshooting this issue. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Vince
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