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  1. @GarthMJ i was afraid i had to do that. Does that also mean that the new Server 2012 needs the same FQDN. @ithelpme I'm kinda surprised that even that didn't work. Did you install CU1? anyhow keep me up to date how your process goes.
  2. Back from vacation and unfortunately still no response... I really like this forum and mostly can find my answers on it. Too bad not the answers for the questions i asked myself.
  3. Windows 8 defintly supports UEFI under x86. In fact you can't even run the bios in legacy mode for the ElitePad 900. I'm thinking about installing a second primary server on Windows Server 2012 en then shut down the old 2008 r2 primary site.
  4. Hello, I have SCCM 2012 installed on a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment. Now our company is buying some HP ElitePad 900 provided with Windows 8 x32. Unfortunately i can't PXE boot with these devices because SCCM 2012 on a 2008 R2 server doesn't support UEFI x86 from what i heard. If anybody has any suggestions on how i still might be able to accomplished this then please tell me. Anyway the only solution there seems to be is migration to a Windows Server 2012 where it is supported. My question what is the best way too do this? Thanks
  5. So i made an OSD Task sequence and deployed it to a collection. Everything i working with a few minor bugs. My question is my helpdesk will have limited rights in the sccm console but they do need to deploy images, so to do this they need to add the PC to the deployment collection. But is there a way that they can automatic plan and shedule to add a pc to a collection at a later time of the day?
  6. I had it set to Required and also made it available to PXE. Strange thing is i managed too solve the problem already by building a new task sequence from scratch. So i build a new one which is exactly the same as the old one but somehow this did the trick. Maybe it's some strange bug in SCCM 2012??? Update: Alright, i think i might be retarded.... After spending all day long looking at this issue and trying very difficult strategy's i finally went back to basic and took a look again at the deployment properties. In here under the tab scheduling i set the option rerun behavior to "always rerun program" And that off course fixed the issue.
  7. Hello, First i would like to say i love this forum, without this and the guides on it i probably wouldn't have made it this far. However i ran into a problem i can't find the answer too anywhere. In my Task Sequence my first step is to run a script that prompts the user if he would like too reboot the computer and start the installation. i added the condition _SMSTSInWinPE to this step and it must equal "false". However it doesn't work but when i reboot the computer it just starts booting PXE and roll out the OSD task sequence without a problem. It just seems like the task sequence doesn't start before it is booted into WinPE, am i missing something here? Hope somebody knows the answer...
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