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  1. I do indeed get a page of two of that spamming me. What I ended up having to do was do an offline servicing of the wim. Use Imagex to mount the wim in readwrite mode, create an unattend.xml that tells it to look for drivers in a folder, and use pkgmgr to do an offline servicing of the wim and inject the drivers. I used a guide here. Once the drivers are injected and ready to go, you can deploy using SCCM without adding an Apply Drivers task, and it should work correctly.
  2. I'm trying to image a bunch of old Dell Optiplex 760 workstations with a Vista Business image. This is so we can dispose of them without violating our MS licensing. The issue I'm running into, is no mater what I try to do, the Vista image flat refuses to apply any drivers to the install. I've pulled the smsts logs, and nothing really stands out, it's able to see the distribution point, it queries for drivers, downloads them to a local store, then nothing. Vista boots and I'm stuck with no drivers aside from what windows has built into the default OS image. Copying the exact same files straight off the distribution point, I can open the device manager and update/install every single one of the drivers manually. I have a completely new SCCM SP1 site set up following the guides on here. Everything works great, and as far as I can tell, nothing really stupid is wrong with my site setup or the task sequence.
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