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  1. Thanks OneOne, How do you set up WAKE ON LAN? I have noticed a check box labelled "Send wake-up packets". Will enabling this work? Or will I also need something configured on the client? Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi, I have a requirement to be able to force our clients to re-image every sunday night/monday morning. So basically I need to schedule the OSD task sequence to deploy the OS image again. I can do this, but I am not sure how to go about forcing the clients to reboot into PXE so the installer kicks off. At this point the clients could have been shut down, logged off, or still logged in. Is there a way I can set up my task sequence and deployment(s) to acheive this? Keep in mind I am still new at this whole SCCM thing. I am managing Windows 7 clients. Are there any other ways arouund this, such as forcing the re-image to occur at log off, and enforcing the clients to log off at a particular time, although that won't cover the clients that have been shut down? Any suggestions are welcome, Regards, Steve
  3. Hi, I have recently started using SCCM 2012 and have been following the guides available here: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4045-system-center-2012-configuration-manager-guides/ The guides have been working well and I have been able to build, capture and deploy windows 7. However, after logging in to the Win7 client for the first time I was presented with a "Set Network Location" prompt, where I need to select either Home, Work or Public as a network location. I would like this prompt to never appear. I have done some googling to try and determine a resolution to this issue. I found a few different solutions: http://www.chrisnackers.com/category/9872/ http://blogs.catapultsystems.com/mvrabel/archive/2011/11/05/configmgr%E2%80%93osd-and-usmt-local-hardlinks-%E2%80%93-note-from-the-field.aspx (Further down the page - search "Set Network Location") It seems these solutions were created using SCCM 2007 (Or earlier?). With my limited SCCM knowledge I am unsure how to perform the same actions in SCCM 2012. It seems I need to add the hotfix into the deploy task sequence. I am not sure how to add the hotfix as a resource into SCCM 2012, or include the hotfix into the deploy task sequence I created using this guide: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4512-using-sccm-2012-rc-in-a-lab-part-8-deploying-windows-7-x64/ Is anyone able to help me do this, or does anyone have any other resolutions to this issue? Regards, Steve
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