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  1. I have packaged up both script and msi based packages in sccm 2012 sp1 and deployed them to user collections. In the application catalog, they display correctly, but when I attempt to install them as a user with 'user' level permissions, the applications fail to install. These applications run fine when launched from the catalog by an 'administrator' level account. In event viewer, the application generates a an error that the user it failed for did not have the necessary permissions to install for all users. I also see logs such as SCClient_domain@user.log and I get the following error: ErrorCode = 2278556452 associated with the application but I have been unable to find information for that code. Does the Application Catalog not use an installer account with elevated permissions? If not, how do you deploy applications to users? Thanks. **I checked the certificate from Microsoft Code Signing PCA and it expired 3/4/2013. I am not sure if this could be causing it.
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