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  1. Thanks bttag. If I could ask your advice on one more thing. In the answer fiel I currenlty have it setup to create the C drive at x size. Is it possible to tell it to also create the D drive but to take up the rest of the dirve space rather than stating an exact size? Thanks again
  2. Hi, I havent captured the image yet, was just wondering if it was possible. Loks like its more complicated than I first thought.
  3. Hi, I have moved the lcoation of user profiles to the D drive. Can I use WDS to deploy Windows to the C drive and the Profiles to the D drive? Thanks P
  4. Hi, I have created a Windows 7 image and have deployed to my first client for testing. The image was joined to the domain and the client has been cretaed in AD automtaically so looks good, however no option to log in to domain, juts have the local user option on startup. When I log in as local user, I can see it is part of the domain. Obvioulsy dont want to have to join workgroup, then domain again to fix it. Any ideas? Cheers
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