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  1. Hi everyone. I have setup sccm 2012 to do a silent install of office 2010 x32 when users are logged off their computer. I used OCT to configure the office settings. The deployment works for the most part. It will uninstall the old office 2007 then install the next office 2010. Everything works but one thing. All the users get a prompt when opening office for the first time to activate it. I have tried two methods to solve this using the oct. The first was in the office customization tool under modify setup properties to add AUTO_ACTIVATE with a value or 1. This did not work . I then
  2. I have run into a problem I cant seem to find a solution for. We have computers running windows 7 x64 that has office 2007 32 running on them. We have a custom excel plugin that wasn't supported in the x64 version of office. That plugin is now out for office x64. But I have found pushing office 2010x64 with a OCT(office customisation tool)and SCCM2012 setting will only work with like installs. So office 2010 32 will uninstall office 2007 32 and office 2010 64 will uninstall office 2007 64. But office 2010 x64 wont uninstall office 2007 32. I cant find a way that works to uninstall 2
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