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  1. Thanks for the advice Peter. I'll give that a go and let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi, i have a problem where office was upgraded to 2013 pro and some months later any remnants and shared components of office 2007 were then removed. after this office 07 cleanup the drop down menu's in sharepoint 2007 stopped working (in ie9) and an office repair seems to be the recommended way to fix it. so instead of techies doing this individually on each pc, i'm wondering if i can send a silent repair through sccm 2012r2 and use the local DP for content where office was originally installed from? or do i need to create seperate uninstall program for each site with an explicitly defined command line? command line: e.g \\server\share\Office15\setup.exe /repair ProPlus /config \\server\share\Office15\ProPlus.WW\Config.xml or does anyone know a better way of fixing this issue? thanks.
  3. Hi, I'd like to follow up with what i did to resolve this. All the logs started showing errors at 8:30am on Thursday which is when the console crashed on me while moving between tabs. I tried everything I could to resolve this with no luck, so as I'm short of time I restored the database from the night before and everything I've tested so far appears to be working again including OSD from PXE. Phew!
  4. Hi Wilby, I have my task sequences set to run on any platform and they're only advertised to pxe and media so they dont appear in the software center. i also use the password to prevent accidental pxe deployment. i do have other remote secondary sites with dp's and they are doing the same thing. my normal packages are still deploying ok and if i deploy the same OSD task sequences from dvd standalone media they work ok and start installing other required deployments ok after the client is registered. i've also tried another existing TS for adobe CS6 and it works ok from software center. the problem OSD task sequences appear on the deployments tab when i double click a client in the cm12 console too. i've also tried re-deploying the OSD TS but still nothing. the only unusual thing that happened this morning was the cm12 console crashed this morning while using it on the primary server. i'm starting to wonder whether i should restore my cm12 from yesterdays backup when everything was working ok??
  5. Hi, i have win7, win7sp1 and win8.x OSD task sequences made available to known and unknown clients that were working fine until this morning. now if i boot any client whether known or unknown, physical or virtual they get to the TS login screen and i login but then immediately get a failed to run task sequence splash screen with no error code and a reboot in 15 seconds. the client x:\windows\temp\smsts.log goes through everything correctly and finds the server etc but at the end says "No assigned task sequence". the task sequences are set to run on any platform but the deployment status shows message id 10018 program rejected (platform not supported). the funny thing is that nothing in sccm has changed that i'm aware of and these were working yesterday. can anyone help shed any light on this? im using a new install of windows server 2012 r2 with sccm 2012 r2, sql 2012, win7 clients.
  6. Hi, it was an exam emergency and i needed it done by 1pm so i just made it work. the property table for the main msi doesn't have many details at all. but the msi does have 6 msi's that unpack once launched. i'll have to figure out which ones are being run as some are standard microsoft dependencies which are not required. thanks for your help.
  7. Hi, i have a new msi that starts installing and exits very quickly with an exit code 0 even though it hasn't finished. The problem is that this causes the next program in the chain to start before the first one has finished. i've worked around this in the past with a wscript.sleep in either program but wondered if there was another way to fix this installer behaviour? any ideas? thanks. additonal info: btl group secureassess aat msi, win7 x86 client, sccm 2012r2 environment.
  8. hi and thanks for the reply. we have powersaving set up for the network which works great but the boss wants to save as much money as possible and switch off all computers at all all sites instead of making them sleep. users are actually advised to switch off at the wall which isn't ideal for me if i want to wake them up either but i have no choice.
  9. Hi, i have a requirement to shut down pc's twice a day and wondered if anyone knew a simple way to acheive this using sccm? i inherited a system that currently shuts down pc's once a day at the start of a maintenance window at 10pm using the shutdown.exe that comes with windows 7. now i've been asked to shut down win7 pcs... 1. at 5pm only if nobody is logged on and... 2. try again at 10pm whether someone is logged on or not. im looking at a third party tool but before i buy anything i wondered if anyone knew an easier way? thanks.
  10. hi, so if i set a boundary group to a local secondary site code for automatic site assignment this will still get any clients assigned to the primary anyway? but if that's the case why not just have the single primary site on the list? what is the purpose of being able to select a secondary?
  11. Hi, i'm wondering whether to use the 'use this boundary group for site assignment' option under the references tab. i've read the literature from microsoft here but i'm concerned by the following paragraph... "Site assignment is used by clients that use automatic site assignment to find an appropriate site to join, based on the clients current network location. After a client assigns to a site, the client will not change that site assignment. For example, if the client roams to a new network location that is represented by a boundary in a boundary group with a different site assignment, the client’s assigned site will remain unchanged." the drop down for assigned site shows all sites and i have one primary and three secondary sites which are all management points so i'm wondering if i should set this on each secondary to it's own site or to the primary site? thanks.
  12. i've been upgrading a few hundred at a time but it doesn't catch them all so when most clients are upgraded i'll enable automatic client upgrade to catch any remaining cm07 clients. thanks for the info.
  13. Hi, if i enable automatic client upgrade will it... 1. upgrade cm07 clients that it discovers? 2. install the client on machines with no client? thanks.
  14. Hi, i added cm07 clients to a cm12 collection and pushed to it and all the clients upgraded ok. i then added more clients to the collection and they don't even try to upgrade and there is no activity in ccm.log. but if i select a bunch of the clients in the collection and right click and 'install client' it works ok. does the collection not remember that i'm pushing to any member of it? i need to know where to look for errors or what i'm doing wrong? p.s i don't have site wide push enabled. thanks.
  15. Hi, we've had 50 new machines and the technicians have pre-staged computer accounts in AD. they haven't been built yet. unfortunately sccm has discovered the computer accounts from AD discovery so now when i try to import a csv with the names and mac's there's a conflict and they wont import. is there a way to attach the mac to the already discovered objects in sccm 2012 r2? thanks.
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