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  1. Hello windows-noob! I'm seeking some community support for an error I can't seem to solve to install SCCM. "Site Server computer account administrative rights" Failed. "Configuration Manager Setup requires that the site server computer has administrative rights on the SQL Server and management point computers" I have SQL installed on a seperate computer than I am installing SCCM. I have added the SCCM domain computer's account to the local windows administrator group on the SQL Server. SQL is running as a windows domain user. The SCCM Computer account has sysadmin rights on the SQL Server. (I thought maybe this was the problem). As part of my troubleshooting I changed the SID and the name of the SCCM computer, (and did all of the related stuff), verified group memberships, and still get the same result. This is also a new install of SQL, and both of the firewall ports have been opened on that machine. I suppose I should mention that this is also a format/reinstall of the SCCM server. Last deployment wasn't working correctly and we wanted to move the SQL Database off the local machine and give it a dedicated server. any ideas or advice is appreciated.
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