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  1. Hello All So is this question so stupid that it doesnt need a response? or Is it too hard for anyone to tackle? I would like to know so that I dont waste anyone elses time in the future. Cheers Robert
  2. Hello Jessica Thanks for your response. I work for a company that provides IT services to Federal Government Departments in Australia. I simply can’t perform an upgrade at a customer site without first getting my project managers and the client to approve the work. I can suggest that things get upgraded and such but if I spend time doing work that is not paid for I will no longer be working. So I have suggested that MDT be upgraded, or we install the latest version on a new server but this has not been approved yet. So at the moment I must use MDT 2010 Update 1. I did not create the C:\Drivers folder. There are other subfolders besides Nic. Ones that are for other driver types. MDT creates this folder structure. Here is an extract from ZTIDrivers.log <![LOG[Found a driver for PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_153A&SUBSYS_05A41028: {00ebc0c0-6e3a-46a8-b69b-8d1163bc5502} from \\SERVER\Deploy$\Out-of-box Drivers\Net\E1d62x64_12.6.47.0_39957929A95AAD57551160A75B214110F6E0E9CA\E1d62x64.INF]LOG]!><time="11:25:27.000+000" date="10-29-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers"> <![LOG[Validating connection to \\SERVER\Deploy$\Out-of-box Drivers\Net\E1d62x64_12.6.47.0_39957929A95AAD57551160A75B214110F6E0E9CA]LOG]!><time="11:25:27.000+000" date="10-29-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers"> <![LOG[Already connected to server SERVER as that is where this script is running from.]LOG]!><time="11:25:27.000+000" date="10-29-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers"> <![LOG[Copying drivers from "\\SERVER\Deploy$\Out-of-box Drivers\Net\E1d62x64_12.6.47.0_39957929A95AAD57551160A75B214110F6E0E9CA" to "C:\Drivers\Net\E1d62x64_12.6.47.0_39957929A95AAD57551160A75B214110F6E0E9CA"]LOG]!><time="11:25:27.000+000" date="10-29-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers"> <![LOG[About to run command: cmd.exe /c xcopy /seihycd "\\SERVER\Deploy$\Out-of-box Drivers\Net\E1d62x64_12.6.47.0_39957929A95AAD57551160A75B214110F6E0E9CA" "C:\Drivers\Net\E1d62x64_12.6.47.0_39957929A95AAD57551160A75B214110F6E0E9CA" 1> NUL 2>NUL]LOG]!><time="11:25:27.000+000" date="10-29-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers"> <![LOG[Return code from command = 0]LOG]!><time="11:25:27.000+000" date="10-29-2013" component="ZTIDrivers" context="" type="1" thread="" file="ZTIDrivers"> Notice the copy command? It’s copying from the Deployment share Out-of-box drivers to C:\Drivers\Nic. This is done during the WinPE phase so that the Windows setup can find third party drivers such as the critical network driver. The step is called “inject-drivers” during the Pre-Install phase. So I must be something wrong somewhere, I am just unsure as to where. I hope you or someone can assist in pointing me in the right direction. Cheers Robert
  3. Hello All I have MDT 2010 Update 1 The approach I take at most customer sites is the Hybrid method. Create a Windows 7 WIM with core applications as the base WIM file. All other task sequences or images will use this WIM file as the base because it already has the core applications installed. When I first started this approach I had no issues until we received different hardware. No matter what I did I could not get Windows install to detect and install the 3rd party nic driver. In WinPE not an issue. I checked the log file for PNP detection and MDT is detecting the hardware, finds the appropriate driver, issues the command to copy the driver to the OS drive and the returned result from the copy is 0. So all as it should be. But when I check the C:\Drivers\Nic folder the driver is not there. Strange???? I don’t believe that a copy command would return success if it wasn’t successful. What I think is happening is my Master image or Hybrid image capture is running too early and the Drivers folder from the master capture is sucking that directory up into the WIM file. So then when that WIM file is applied to the local drive the Drivers folder is being overwritten from the contents in the WIM file. My questions is does this sound plausible and also what is the best sequence or approach for creating Hybrid images or WIM files Cheers Robert
  4. Thanks Jorgen This makes no sense to me. At this stage I would consider Windows not setup fully and not all components are ready. But thanks for the response. Cheers Robert
  5. Hello All I have just started using SCCM 2007 to deploy OS. I have used many other methods including MDT but this is the first time I have used SMS/SCCM for OS deployment. I have noticed that the task sequence runs during the Windows 7 setup. As in the stage that occurs after the first re-boot. When windows displays the "setting up your computer for first use", the screen is black. This seems wrong to me. MDT never runs during this phase of Windows 7 setup. MDT always waits until windows has finished installing and the desktop is loaded before kicking in. Because I am new to SCCM deployments and of course I don't know all there is to now about Windows I was wondering if anyone else has seen this and if someone could comment on whether this is an issue. I believe it is. Cheers Robert
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