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  1. Did you ever find the cause of this issue? I've started seeing the same behaviour; content is sent but upon completion the status isn't updated. The workaround is restarting the SMS_EXECUTIVE on the primary site or redistributing the package.
  2. I've been working on a powershell script that will create a distribution point on a newly created site server. It all works well except the PXE password. One of the parameters of the add-cmdistributionpoint cmdlet is -ComputersUsePxePassword which only accepts a securestring argument. However, when I come to boot into a task sequence, it says that the PXE password is incorrect. The relavant section of code is: $pass = convertto-securestring -string "P@ssw0rd" -force -asplaintext Add-CMDistributionPoint -SiteSystemServerName server.fqdn -SiteCode ABC -InstallInternetServer -CertificateExpirationTimeUtc "Tuesday, July 5, 2033 09:00:00 AM" -MinimumFreeSpaceMB 1000 -EnablePxeSupport -AllowRespondIncomingPxeRequest -EnableUnknownComputerSupport -ComputersUsePxePassword $pass Anyone experienced this or have any suggestions?
  3. I use dedicated collections to deploy applications and wish to grant certain administrative users the ability to manage membership of these collections. However, I'd like the process of adding collections to administrative users to be dynamic so I don't have to do this manually each time I create a collection. Is this possible?
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