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  1. we have setup sccm 2012 and push the windows updates to client, but we notice still all our client machine getting the windows update from microsoft not from our sccm server, so what could be the issue, we deploy the windows update server patch using GPO, we confirm the windows update from microsoft by looking at our internet management system i have check the client machine, "Specify intranet Microsoft update service location" its pointing to our sccm server, and also check the software centre, windows update available in the list, when i click install its show downloading 0% but not responding anything, attached here the snapshot for your reference we like to use SCCM for windows updates, adobe, flash update and also deploy applications
  2. Hi We recenlty setup 802.x wireless setup and create a new ssid, our windows user are still connected to old ssid, we want to force the setting to connect to new ssid, is it possible to connect the windows laptop to join the new ssid automatically, which we dont want the client to connect the old ssid. is this possible to achieve using GPO or SCCM 2012
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