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  1. Thanks, Boot image issue is resovle and it is processing the task sequences but in task sequence after reboot the system gives bootmgr missing issue on physical system. The system is at remote place so i can not go and get the logs. Very limited support from client. Can you tell me what can be the issue. Thanks, Ganesh Prajapati
  2. Thanks Jorgen and Rafael, I re-run the advertise and this solve the issue but now have go into other issue. After task squense start at one stage after partitioning and formating the drive the system reboot and show "bootmgr missing". Can you help me on this. The same setup run properly on VMware. I think there is some storage drive issue but I am not sure where to specify those drives in the task sequence. Thanks, Ganesh Prajapati
  3. Hi, I am facing issue with my PXE boot. My PXE boot is working fine but it is taking only one winpe image to boot. Can you please suggest me how to change this default image to replace with my newly created image. I try new image in task sequence but this is not helping me to boot with new image. Please help me on this. Thanks, Ganesh Prajapati
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