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  1. Hi, I am trying to import a boot images using SCCM 2007 R2, i am getting the below error. You can not Import this boot image. Only finalized boot image are supported. For more Information Press F1 Initially WAIK version was 6.0.6001.18000. I have uninstalled and installed waik 6.1.7600 which support windows 7 Please let me know from how to add the new boot image for 6.1.76, default boot image(x86 and x64) is 6.0.6001 available which supports windows XP
  2. At last i was able to fix the issue..... It was the issue with the DNS which caused the problem.I It was resolving wrong IP address. I was able to fix it after changing the DNS entries The Url : http://SCCMSERVER.COM/CCM_System is now working in browser and the Container (System management) has SMS_MP in it SCCM 2012 Client status shows Yes now ..... Thank all for your help...
  3. Is this anything to do with the permission in the System Management Container. I have already delegated the permissions to sccm server. But still 'System Management' container still shows Empty. Anyone can help me out.
  4. Yes this machines are updated in DNS records. I found few error in event log that System container is not created. But i have created System container and provided permission for SCCM Server. System container is empty.
  5. I am also facing the same issue. Error in ClientIDManagerStartup RegTask: Failed to refresh site code. Error: 0x8000ffff Error in LocationServices Failed to resolve 'SMS_SLP' from WINS LSGetLookupMP: Failed to resolve lookup MP from WINS with 87D00215. Check if it is published My ccmsetuplog shows successfull. Control panel-> Action tab -> shows only machine and user Policy Please help me out
  6. Hi, Test Lab I have one DC and SCCM Server 2012 installed SCCM Server is successfully installed but Software updates is not downloading windows udpates from microsoft. i have also installed WSUS in the same server Regards Rahul
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