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  1. Problem is solved.The code is okay and working. The script tried to create a query rule which is not limited to a collection (the same like a limitation to "All Systems"), but the executing account was not permitted to read values from "All Systems" collection.
  2. Hello at all, I’m working on a script which creates a SCCM collection and appends a collection rule. The function createCollection creates and moves the collection without any problems. The collection rule object is also created without any error codes, but at adding the collection rule (newCollection.AddMembershipRule newCollectionRule) I get a “general error”. Has anybody an idea how to fix this problem? Function createCollection(collectionName)     Dim validQuery, queryExpr ' creates the collection.     Set newCollection = objSccm.Get("SMS_Collection").SpawnInstance_()     newCollection.Name = collectionName     newCollection.OwnedByThisSite = True     newCollection.Comment = "Comment"               Set collectionPath = newCollection.Put_ ' Attempts to obtain the collection ID of the newly created collection. Set Collection = objSccm.ExecQuery ("select * from SMS_Collection where Name='" & collectionName & "'") For each objCollection in Collection     strCollectionID=objCollection.CollectionID Next If strCollectionID = "" Then     Wscript.Echo "Unable to obtian a collection ID for the newly created collection."     WScript.Quit Else     ' Attempts to move the newly created collection into the desired parent collection.     Set newCollectionRelation = objSccm.Get("SMS_CollectToSubCollect").SpawnInstance_()     newCollectionRelation.parentCollectionID = strParentCollectionID     newCollectionRelation.subCollectionID = strCollectionID     newCollectionRelation.Put_ End If      'Attempts to create and add the query rule group to the collection!     Set stdQuery = objSccm.Get("SMS_CollectionRuleQuery")     validQuery = stdQuery.ValidateQuery(queryExpr)          If validQuery Then          Set newCollectionRule = stdQuery.SpawnInstance_     newCollectionRule.QueryExpression = queryExpr     newCollectionRule.RuleName = "Rulename"          Set newCollection = objSccm.Get(collectionPath.RelPath)     newCollection.AddMembershipRule newCollectionRule     newCollection.RequestRefresh False       End If End Function
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