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  1. We actually have a PKI, HTTPS setup and working and even have a couple of agents installed with Endpoint configured (we did this over the past two weeks). Our sales laptops are apart of the domain and will get the cert via group policy. We will install the client with LanDesk which will give us the ability to customize the install with the switches you provided earlier. We do have a DMZ but from what I understand, we need that DMZ site system server on the domain? That's the part we'd have to figure out. I don't think we have routes setup. Just to clarify, we will need to setup a s
  2. Thanks jorlando! I am talking about sales users who are 100% remote. Those install parameters will be very helpful. We just installed our Primary site (stand alone) on one server that includes the following roles: DP, MP, EPP and SUP. We are just getting into SCCM, so this might be a dumb question but how do we setup up an additional SCCM machine with only the MP role? Can we do it or do we need to install a CAS first and then add the DMZ SCCM server as a secondary site?
  3. We are setting up SCCM 2012 specifically with Endpoint Protection and have approx 700 internal machines and 500 remote. We are currently planning on securing all client/server communication via https and then opening https through the firewall to manage the 500 remote clients. Is that the best way to manage remote machines? What suggestions do you have? thanks!
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