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  1. I also tried setting the SMSTSLocalDataDrive variable to D:\ at the beginning of the task sequence, and I still receive the same error.
  2. We've tried it with the OSDStateStorePath set to C:\UserState, and D:\UserState (partition where the standalone image is staged). I'll try logging the variables on the task sequence and let you know. Thanks.
  3. What needs to happen for WinPE to recognize the %CONFIGPATH% on standalone media that is on a second partition? What we're trying to do is deploy all our systems with a re-imaging partition (d:) that would back-up/restore the user's data using hardlinks, and re-image the primary partition (c:) all in-place and off the network. Here is what we have so far: 1. BCD that offers the Windows 7 x64 OS (C:), and Reimage Disk (D:) 2. A verified working re-image and restore task sequence using hard-links 3. Standalone media that has been xcopied to the D: partition when the primary image was applied SMSTS.log file is attached My guess is that the VARIABLES.DAT file does not have the variables properly set to look for the Task Sequence on the D: drive. I've looked at the X: and D: directories when booted in WinPE, and the files are there. I've also tried using TSEnv2.exe to access the variables, but receive a 'FileBlockSettings failed: 2' error. I've also tried modifying the run and configpaths in the TSMBootstrap.ini file to point to the respective D: drive paths. Any ideas, information, or help would be greatly appreciated! Brad
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