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  1. I can confirm that this is still an issue in CB2006. The task sequence will even run successfully with dependencies in provisioning mode in Windows. I discovered this using the PROVISIONTS parameter of ccmsetup.exe. We install some apps from with AutoPilot, then run ccmsetup at login with a provisioning task sequence. I noticed that the task sequence was impossible to run unless the PC is in provisioning mode. I stumbled on this thread after searching for OnOptionalExecutionRequests failed for program * : 0x87d01106. I removed the two apps with dependencies from the task sequence, updated machine policy, retried the task and it ran immediately. EDIT: Supersedence references also seem to break
  2. Has anyone figured out how to extract the user who initiated AutoPilot from a file or event on the local machine? I'm running a ConfigMgr task using PROVISIONTS parameter of CCMsetup and want a sure fire way to identify the AutoPilot user from the available files and logging on the machine itself. I can determine who the first user is from c:\users, but the task sequence often completes prior to first logon.
  3. I just got back to this, but the capture media from VM was much simpler than manual sysprep, and the image simply worked on BIOS and UEFI devices. Thanks again Niall for all of the info and assistance you provide to the SCCM community!
  4. Please point me to another topic if this has already been covered. I have always built my reference images from a physical machine and captured using pxe boot and the capture image function of a task sequence on a machine that is sysprepped to capture profile settings of the user executing sysprep. I've never had a problem with this method, even with Windows 8.1, until we purchased a few Surface Pro 3 units. All of our existing HP laptops worked fine with the Windows 8.1 image, but the Surfaces were crashing and problematic with the image. This was true even with the appropriate driver packs and current firmware. I decided to use the Surface as my reference machine to ensure that the image was not problematic with the Surface. My task sequence was already built to detect UEFI or BIOS and partition accordingly. This was working properly with the image captured from BIOS device. Now that I have swapped out the deployed WIM in the same task sequence to the one captured from the Surface, the bootloader freezes very early in the process on a BIOS device. Is there a step I can add in the deployment task sequence to fix the bootloader for BIOS? I'd rather not scrap my existing reference machine and start from scratch. We use KMS licensing, and I still have the reference machine. I assume it can be sysprepped again without issue.
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