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  1. Yes, this feature I already know, thanks anyway :-) Because of this feature, I thought, that it must be possible to use RC using the SCCM-console by right-click on the client. This would be more comfortable than typing in every single client. It is because of our internal infrastructure and policies.
  2. Hi all, I've got a problem with my remote control in SCCM 2012 console. If I click on a Device Start --> Remote Control, it tries to start a RC-Session using the hostname. But the hostname cannot be resolved and it is not possible to add all the hostnames into the hostfile. Is it possible to tell the sccm-console to use the full qualified domain name, like hostname.domain.com? Because when I set up the connection manually using CmRcViewer.exe it works with hostname, IP and FQDN. I'd be glad about any kind of ideas or solutions :-) Greetings, Chris
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