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  1. i currently have sccm 2012 running with numerous task sequencing. the issue i run into is GPO's rebooting my pc's and getting dirty enviroments. this only happens when i add the OU during the pre-install. if i leave the OU blank it works fine. so heres exactly what happens during pre-install ill add a pc to an ou. pre-install completes and then goes to the windows screen. i have to hit ok due to the pc being in and ou and getting group policy. if i wait to long gp will start to push wsus updates which in mid task sequence will reboot the pc and cause the image process not to complete. if i dont put an ou then the pc will auto log in and run my script to stop the autoupdate service and all task will complete fine. so what i need is a way to join the domain and have the pc in the default ou which i can already do, but then at the last task after the image be able to have the task sequence ask which ou to put the pc in from the list i have created in the config.ini file can someone assist
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