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  1. We are moving to 2012 R2 with a different site code then our current 2012 SP1 server. From what I have read on TechNet devices do not need to install the client again when moving to another 2012 environment. I was going to create a couple small boundary groups and set up site assignment after turning off site assignment on the current server. I was hoping that someone could confirm site assignment without installing the client from the new server. Also any other tips for assigning clients to another site code would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks for responding Peter. The only problem with your solution is that it will run the .EXE from the package folder. I need Install.exe to run in C:\TEMP Sorry if I did not make that clear in my initial post.
  3. The package contains a .BAT that tells the following file to run C:\TEMP\Install.exe I was able to run the .BAT manually and it works and tested the package on several machines while on the VPN and our office network but have failed to get it to work on my test group. We used another package to copy the .EXE to the Temp folder because it is the only location that we can get it to run from. The .BAT contains the following information.. "C:\temp\Install.exe" I wanted to keep it simple but is their something I could add to make sure it will run? This will be pushed to all W7 laptops in our envirement with a mix of 64/32 bit. We pushed the package to run hidden and use admisitrative rights.
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