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  1. Dear NCFers , I have a question about Exchange 2013. I started a project for myself to build on certain software self-knowledge. Now I have chosen this time for Exchange Server 2013. What I want to do ? I have one server and an Exchange server . I want them to manage multiple companies , for example < - disturb them . But they can send ( owa use ) messages to the outside , but also can send . Themselves to each other messages My question is , how do you start something . I assume you're just an AD DS server need a separate exchange server ? Where do I start , I 've been searching for information on the Internet 2 working days but could not find any step by step or something like that . I work with licensed software so everything I do have a license. Windows Server 2012R2 Exchange Server 2013 Windows 8 Windows 7 If anyone can help me? Zoal and what roles are important. I often install the following: AD DS < - user management etc DNS < - is automatically installed with ADDS DHCP < - for a specific IP range Nat < - First to using the 2nd NIC on the internet . If anyone can help me I like to hear it.
  2. Hello folks, I have a question about WSUS. My question is, why i dont get a message or why i cant update my clients trough WSUS? I have installed WSUS and clients and conntected them to the server. I am using VMWARE WORKSTATION. What am i doing wrong? Installed are: WINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2 AD/DS WSUS 2012 DHCP DNS WDS Configured: WSUS DHCP SCOPE / OPTIONS 3/66/67 AND SCOPE TO, SERVER NAT CONNECTED, But the updates dont come to my client, i have add a gpo rule (new one) but still dont recieve a notify for download or something. What am i doing wrong...
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