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  1. Thanks for the tip AnyWeb, I ahve figured it out though. I had added all of the Vista drivers as well as all of the Mobo drivers tot he out of box drivers folder. I beliver that by doing this Toolkit was picking up the first ethernet driver and trying to use this instead of the AsusP5N-Mx drivers that I installed into the same folder. When I installed the drivers I added the Vista drivers first and then the Mobo drivers. Vista must ahve come along and grabbed the first one it could find and tried to install that one. Once I cleared out the out of box driver folder and added justhe Mobo dr
  2. It is a Asus P5B-Mx Mobo with Vista Business edition. I used the drivers that came with the machine, I know these work as I have installed vista on another machine, exactly the same Mobo and the install ok. I installed the drivers maually for the second machine and have not pushed out this other machine to any end users cause I want to make an image of it first. As for the deployment logs I am unsure of where these are located, so no have not checked them. I loaded all the Vista drivers into the image under "All Drivers" and them made another group called P5N-Mx which has all of the drivers t
  3. Hello all, I have a WDS server here that is setup in Mixed Mode. It currently pushes out both XP images that were conceived with RIS and a Vista Vanilla image. I have now loaded a new image using the deployment workbench which worked very well. I was able to add all of my applications and Hotfixes as well as all my drivers. All of this went pretty smooth and that is something to say when dealing with MS!! Anyhow this is where I am currently stuck. I PXE boot (F12) and all of my RIS and WDS images show up as they should (basically verifying that it (NIC) is going out to my WDS server to ge
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