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  1. Hello @All please tell me the requirements for branch distribution point which OS is the best for that? adjustment for MS Win OS advantages and disadvantages, for example Win7 VS WinSrv2008R2 Thanks!
  2. Dear All, my company use now sccm2012. all works fine but we have a big question to use dynamic names of the deployed clients. Here are infos to our infrastructure: 1. we have 80 locations (80 ous in the ad) 4 example (deham, debre, aedxb ......."UN/LOCODE(see in http://www.unece.org/cefact/locode/service/location.html)" ) 2. we have 3 sub companys (BT, LT and HD) 3. we use follow client names: for example LT-DEHAM-NB001 or LT-DEHAM-WS001 WS= Workstation and NB = Notebook So now here is now my question: it is possible to create\user an automatic task to create a dynamic computer name and join to the right ou in the domain. Its very important, That the the IT guy must type in the "company" - "Location code" - "clienttype". the Number of the client must generated automatically Here is a Example: LT-DEHAM-WS001 Company-LocationCode-ClientTxpeNumber Does anyone have a solution for that? Many Thanks, Jan
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