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  1. Thanks anyweb for solving that. I know I always appreciate it when experts such as yourself invest your time into this type of thing. I will continue with your documents. Just incase your curious, I have SCCM running and it works OK. My objective now is to follow your docs and learn how to push out Vista, as I know we will be doing that next year. I'd rather learn it now than at the last minute. Again Thanks. Geoff.
  2. Yes, it is installed on a computer which is joined to the Domain that I manage. Note that this is not the Enterprise level domain.
  3. I've noticed you have Windows 2008 server installed. Can this Vista O/S deployment work without a 2008 server DC? We are 2003 srv level.
  4. Ummmmm, maybe..... So its local groups, not AD.... Man, is my face red.
  5. Yes I do have that ticked. I've also tried: -searching from the root of my part of the domain. -Looking in the usual place such as users folder. Is it needed in a mixed enviroment? Could it exist somewhere in the enterprise root? I actually thought I saw it some time ago. But I have done several test installations and its possible that it was with one of these. Should I re-run install?
  6. I was following Anyweb's instructions in preparation to deploy Vista with SCCM. In the preparations, it identifies a requirement to put the SCCM machine account into some groups. One being "SMS_SiteToSiteConnection_xxx". But I don't have these groups! Should I create them? Does it mean my installation is not right? Can I deploy o/s without these groups? Notes. I have domain admin access only. I have install SCCM on our domain only in Mixed mode with SCCM SP1. Note that I can push applications to PCs without problem. My next desired step is to configure this Vista O/S deployment. Geoff.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Yes what you have suggested would work, but I would like to use AD. As an example, make a new AD group called "MY_Test_Computers". Then add all the computer accounts to this AD group that you want for testing. Then in SCCM select the "MY_Test_Computers" AD group and tell SCCM to make a collection based on this AD group. Is that possible?
  8. I have MSCCM 2007 installed on server 2003 R2 stnd. It is installed in mixed mode. I have full domain admin rights on my domain (which is the installation target of MSCCM). I do not have Enterprise rights. Ultimatly I'm trying to create a collection that contains xp workstation from computers put into an AD group. However, I cannot see any way to do this. In fact when I do create a new collection and attempt to enter Membership rules, they don't appear to take. I get no errors or hints of mistakes that give meaningful information. The possible options given are not clear to me (as they don't seem to directly refer to groups etc.) I'm guessing, I missunderstand a concept. Can some one help? geoff
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